Pine Slab 144x54x3" - $12.5/bf
Lake Valley Fire Salvage. A massive and majestic sugar pine slab with history and a story to tell. Unbelievably clear and bright grain.
Sugar Pine Slab 96x18x3" - $12.5/bf
Valley Fire salvage. Incredible colors w/live edge.
More slabs in stock
Sugar pine & redwood.
Large beams, boards & posts
Contact us with your order. Redwood, pine and oak is our speciality.
Custom Milling
We mill our own lumber from salvaged and reclaimed lumber.
Live Edge
We can leave the live edge or mill to remove it.
Go Big or Go Home!
Let us mill something for your project that you can't get at a typical lumber supplier.
Beams & Joists
Let us mill dimensionally large beams & joists for your project. Exposing them truly adds a feeling of strength & gravity to your design.
Redwood Flame
Redwood Mantles
Salvaged Redwood
Unfortunately, trees die, topple over, get caught in fires. We do our best to salvage this timber and let the trees live on through amazing buildings, furniture and creative uses.
Redwood Mantle
Getting salvaged timber back to our ranch is no easy task. We have the equipment to extract, transport and mill most fallen timber.
Ready to be milled to your specifications.
Many oak trees tend to topple over in the wet winter and spring months. This wood is beautiful and durable and is worth more than fire wood if milled and dried properly.
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