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Who We Are

TEN Springs estate & property management is operated by Todd Moore (TEN is an abbreviation of the letters of my family members' first names: Todd-Ethan-Nancy ). My background is split between engineering (Big Tech - and working in the trades. We've lived in Emerald Hills, CA for the last twenty years, and also own and maintain our own rental properties in Redwood City. I grew up in the Suburbs/Farmland outside of Chicago, IL surrounded by agriculture and construction.

Qualifications & Experience

  • >20  years of experience maintaining large private homes and grounds including a 20,000 seat outdoor theatre, a historical estate, and a 100-acre ranch 

  • Local resident and property owner for > 30 years, including my own rental properties

  • Insured (details by request)

  • Education: BSEE (University of Colorado), Ongoing Env Design & Horticulture AS (Foothill College)

  • Broad experience in construction trades and construction management

  • English is my native language and I'm proficient in Spanish

  • Excellent project management skills with experience in large corporate and small trade scenarios. 

  • Low key, meticulous, personable character.

  • Valid driver’s license with a solid driving record.

  • Experience in operating tractors, related PTO-based implements as well as track loaders

  • Clean record. No criminal, traffic, or financial issues. Clean background check.

  • For projects or tasks, I am not able to perform myself, I maintain a list of trusted local, cost-effective sub-contractors including construction, plumbing, HVAC, landscaping, tree service, and hospitality.


Our Service Locations

We live in Emerald Hills, CA and I like to try and stay as local as possible so my radius for accepting work is generally from San Carlos to Palo Alto and Woodside to Redwood City. 

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