Who We Are:

TEN Springs Ranch is owned and operated by Todd, Nancy, & Ethan Moore (TEN). We own properties and reside in both Emerald Hills, CA and in the hills west of Healdsburg, CA.


Qualifications & Experience:

  • >20  years of experience managing large private homes and grounds

  • Local resident and property owner for > 30 years, including rental property.

  • Insured (details by request)

  • Education: BSEE (University of Colorado), Ongoing Env Design & Horticulture AS (Foothill College)

  • Broad experience in construction and construction management

  • Native English language, both written and oral, with proficiency in Spanish

  • Excellent project management skills with experience in large corporate and small trade scenarios.

  • Low key, meticulous, personable character.

  • Valid driver’s license with a solid driving record.

  • Experience in operating tractors, related implements as well as track loaders

  • Clean record. No criminal, traffic or financial issues. Clean background check.

  • For projects or tasks, I am not able to perform myself, I maintain a long-established list of trusted local, cost-effective sub-contractors including construction, plumbing, HVAC, landscaping, tree service, and hospitality.


Our Locations:

We split time between Emerald Hills and Healdsburg, CA as our schedules and commitments enable. The ranch itself is situated in a unique location about 20 miles inland from the pacific ocean, several miles west of the Dry Creek Valley in Healdsburg, where an average winter/spring season can bring over 100 inches of rain. This rainwater collects below the earth and slowly flows out of multiple natural springs on the property. Once the rainy season is over, we are blessed with a long, productive growing season of sunny California days and cool coastal evenings.


This combination of abundant water and sun gives rise to one of the most diverse forests in the world, where redwood, oak, madrone, pine, and willow grow effortlessly. These conditions also provide a ripe environment for growing many seasonal products such as grapes, figs, garlic, and wild mushrooms.


TEN Springs Ranch provides our customers with estate & property management services as a core business, but we can't help but dabble in multiple side projects including salvaged lumber, winemaking, artwork other projects that are inspired by the scenery and resources that the ranch provides.