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Typical Services -

  • Handyman interior/exterior residential repairs​ & installations

- Light carpentry​

- Minor residential electrical & lighting

- Modernize switches, outlets, thermostats, and sensors

- Landscape Lighting

- Small-scale solar installations for remote power requirements

- Small-scale residential plumbing & irrigation​

  • Manage & plan large-scale property maintenance & improvements

- Project plan & details

- Organize job bidding process & line up labor

- End-to-end project management

- Material sourcing & logistics

  • Pro-active property surveillance and safety inspections

  • Rental, Airbnb, & VRBO Repair Services​

- Support tenant repair requests

- Make improvements to better support your guests


Why you need us -

  • Don't have the time to maintain your home and property the way you would like by yourself

  • Tired of working with a bunch of different tradespeople and day laborers to maintain your property

  • You have light carpentry or electrical projects that are too small for licensed contractors to commit to

  • You have unique maintenance requirements like an on-site vineyard, a comprehensive networked smart home system, or a complicated irrigation system in need of repair

  • Don't want to work with a faceless, remote property management service

  • You travel frequently and require someone to keep tabs on your home and property to keep it safe and functioning while you're away.

How it Works -

I'll work with you to tailor a plan that addresses your immediate need and bill you on a flat time & material basis. If you would like to simplify and streamline the ongoing maintenance and/or repairs of your property then we'll build a plan based on your budget, agreed-to priorities, and the unique requirements of your situation. You'll have one primary contact and source of invoices for all recurring work.


My goal is to provide you with a simple way to maintain your property, reduce your ongoing maintenance costs, and provide you with more time to enjoy your life and home.

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