Ten Springs Ranch grows small-scale organic produce including:

  • Syrah Grapes

  • Artisinal Garlic Varieties

  • Black Mission & Brown Turkey Figs

  • Seasonal greens including Mustard and Chard

  • Edamame Beans

  • Chili Peppers


Salvaged Lumber:

Ten Springs Ranch has access to and will source, by request, slab and dimensional lumber for unique building and furniture projects. We specialize in satisfying out-of-the-ordinary lumber requirements. Wood species available include:

  • Coastal Redwood

  • Fir

  • Sugar Pine

  • Various Oak Species

  • Madrone

Artist in Residency Program:

​We're working on making Ten Springs Ranch a place where we can host artists looking for a remote place to provide focus and inspiration for their work. We're not quite there yet but it's something we're working towards.

  • Painting

  • Writing

  • Music

  • Woodworking & Sclupture